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QuarryScapes book

The QuarryScapes project is closed, but the work continues. A new book with contributions from the consortium is now published by the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU). In full colour, the NGU Special Publication 12 presents ten articles with different perspectives on ancient quarries in the Eastern Mediterranean (see front page, example page and table of content below). The book can be purchased at NGU.

Price: NOK 200,- (approximately 25 EURO)

Please follow THIS LINK for more information on how to order the book.

NGU Special Publication 12. QuarryScapes. Ancient stone quarry landscapes in the Eastern Mediterranean . Editors: Abu-Jaber, N., Bloxam, E. G., Degryse P. and Heldal, T.



Introduction (Abu-Jaber, N., Bloxam, E.G., Degryse, P. and Heldal, T.) - 3

Ancient Egyptian quarries—an illustrated overview (James A. Harrell and Per Storemyr) - 7

Gypsum quarries in the northern Faiyum quarry landscape, Egypt: a geo-archaeological case study (Tom Heldal, Elizabeth G. Bloxam, Patrick Degryse, Per Storemyr and Adel Kelany) - 51

The quarryscapes of Gerasa (Jarash), Jordan (Nizar Abu-Jaber, Ziad al Saad and Nihad Smadi) - 67

Mineral fingerprinting of Egyptian siliceous sandstones and the quarry source of the Colossi of Memnon (Robert W.O’B. Knox, Rainer Stadelmann, James A. Harrell, Tom Heldal and Hourig Sourouzian) - 77

Granite quarry survey in the Aswan region, Egypt: shedding new light on ancient quarrying (Adel Kelany, Mohamed Negem, Adel Tohami and Tom Heldal) - 87

Preservation and promotion of the Sagalassos quarry and town landscape, Turkey (Patrick Degryse, Ebru Torun, Markku Corremans, Tom Heldal, Elizabeth G. Bloxam and Marc Waelkens) - 99

Whatever else happened to the ancient Egyptian quarries? An essay on their destiny in modern times (Per Storemyr) - 105

Constructing a quarry landscape from empirical data. General perspectives and a case study at the Aswan West Bank, Egypt (Tom Heldal) - 125

National inventory and database of ancient stone quarry landscapes in Egypt (Azza Shawarby, Elshaimaa Fathy, Marwa Sadek, Naguib Amin, Rawda Yousri and Sara Kayser) - 155

New directions in identifying the significance of ancient quarry landscapes: four concepts of landscape (Elizabeth G. Bloxam) - 165

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December 2009
New book: a special volume with papers from the QuarryScapes project soon printed.
November 2008
Final workshop: the third QuarryScapes workshop was held in Aswan 12. - 15. October
June 2008
Final Reports: available for download
June 2008
More Palaeolithic quarries in Aswan Recent visits to the Aswan West Bank in Egypt have added new discoveries...

April 2008
QuarryScapes third workshop Aswan, October 12-15 2008

April 2008
Rescue of an obelisk top in Egypt Aswan, March 2008

December 2007
Second QuarryScapes Workshop 18-21 October 2007, Petra, Jordan

December 2007
Final Reports: Aswan West Bank Ancient Quarry Landscape

March 2007
New Aswan City: Rescue survey in progress

March 2007
QuarryScapes fieldwork in Egypt: The final season of survey at the Aswan silicified sandstone quarries revealed previously undocumented ancient paved roads

December 2006
Second Aswan field season The second QuarryScapes fieldwork season in Aswan took place through November 2006.

November 2006
First symposium
The first QuarryScapes symposium took place at Divan Talya hotel in Antalya (Turkey) 15-17 October 2006.
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