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QuarryScapes Atlas

The QuarryScapes Atlas displays a variety of ancient quarry landscapes. The purpose of the atlas is first of all to show the great variability of such landscapes and introducing them with photos and few words. The atlas will be further developed, and hopefully evolve to a comprehensive web-book with contributions from many researchers. In this first edition of the atlas we have picked 15 quarry landscapes; most of them in the project region, but also a few outside. Collectively, these 15 sites display a broad range of quarry landscapes; different periods and historical settings, different geology, morphology and climate. Also, they are in different stages of development as cultural heritage sites, from “unknown and remote” to outdoor museums.

Click the links below to download sheets from the atlas. Or, take the trip to visit them via Google Earth by following the link below. Please note that some of the most vulnerable quarry landscapes below are deliberately not displayed via the Google Earth Link.

A printed version of the Atlas can also be ordered at Biblioteket@ngu.no. For comments or suggestions, please contact tom.heldal@ngu.no.

Take the trip on Google Earth

(if it does not work by selecting "open", try save to disk and then "open with" google earth. If you don't have google earth installed, download from this link)


Download single sheets:

Aliki, Thassos, Greece

Aswan Unifinished Obelisk quarry, Egypt

Aswan West Bank, Egypt

Bibemus, France

Chephren’s Quarry, Egypt

Gebel el-Silsila, Egypt

Hyllestad, Norway

Jerash, Jordan

Karystos, Greece

Mons Claudianus, Egypt

Petra, Jordan

Rod el-Baram, Egypt

Sagalassos, Turkey

Umm es-Sawan, Egypt

Widan el-Faras, Egypt

All quarry landscapes (Report version, A4 reduced size)


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December 2009
New book: a special volume with papers from the QuarryScapes project soon printed.
November 2008
Final workshop: the third QuarryScapes workshop was held in Aswan 12. - 15. October
June 2008
Final Reports: available for download
June 2008
More Palaeolithic quarries in Aswan Recent visits to the Aswan West Bank in Egypt have added new discoveries...

April 2008
QuarryScapes third workshop Aswan, October 12-15 2008

April 2008
Rescue of an obelisk top in Egypt Aswan, March 2008

December 2007
Second QuarryScapes Workshop 18-21 October 2007, Petra, Jordan

December 2007
Final Reports: Aswan West Bank Ancient Quarry Landscape

March 2007
New Aswan City: Rescue survey in progress

March 2007
QuarryScapes fieldwork in Egypt: The final season of survey at the Aswan silicified sandstone quarries revealed previously undocumented ancient paved roads

December 2006
Second Aswan field season The second QuarryScapes fieldwork season in Aswan took place through November 2006.

November 2006
First symposium
The first QuarryScapes symposium took place at Divan Talya hotel in Antalya (Turkey) 15-17 October 2006.
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